Founded in 1999, our company, with nearly 20 years of experience, is honored to carry the status of being a trusted and sought-after leader. We are continuing to rise to the leading status in the sector as a result of growth acceleration that we have gained since the establishment date of our company. We are structuring our management staff through a team of acknowledged experts and building institutionalization fundamentals through an manner of investment to the human.

Arsan Kimya is a company whose core principles of incorporation have been merged with family business values and adopted previous experiences and values in terms of management with a modern understanding. With this conscience, we are carrying out our business in a more professional, more corporal, more innovative and more visionary manner. From this perspective, we are creating products industry trends in different concepts that we have offered to the sector. In our manufacturing facility which has been established on an area of 12.800 m2, we are carrying out manufacturing standards of the world’s leading global firms in Turkey through our equipment with the cutting-edge technology and acknowledged expert staff. Our aim is to become a brand which competes with the world’s largest companies and is followed due to its innovations and product range. Through this strategy, we design and improve our products by blending cutting-edge technology with the highest quality raw materials. In order to offer healthier and higher quality products to our consumers, we are carrying on business with the world’s leading manufacturers of raw materials. All raw materials which we have preferred are in accordance with the international standards microbiologically, chemically and physcially and do not contain ingredients known to be harmful to the human health and comply with the highest hygiene standards.

Manufactured and packaged in the manufacturing lines which are fully automated with clean room technology, our products are manufactured in accordance with; ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18001 and GMP international quality standards. Today, in our facility having an annual manufacturing capacity of 90 million package wet wipes, we are creating a difference in the sector with our product range offered to the market more than 200 in different concept under the brand of Ultra Compact. Differentiating and bringing us forward in the competition, our unique characteristic is our creative and innovative strategies. Our products are tested through quality control equipment with the cutting-edge technology and offered to the customer with 100% quality assurance. By virtue of our caps manufactured in-house through European technology, we are enhancing operational efficiency while decreasing product costs. Through our liquid filling line with a capacity of 25 million bottle liquid manufacturing annually, we are expanding our product range making our Ultra Compact brand stronger in the personal care and household categories. In our warehouse with an area of 9,000 m2 and with a capacity of 6,000 pallets, ‘ addressed 5 floors shelfing system’ is being used. With our loading area having the ability to load a truck hourly we are offering punctual and fast service to our customers.

Today, our company having a large access to the market and logistic network to 73 countries in 5 continents offers product range with high value added under the motto of ‘More Hygienic Life’ without making concession from the brand reliability.




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